• Upon the receipt of a customer’s order, Undugu Fair Trade Limited (UNDUGU) will email the customer a “Pro Forma” invoice.
  • A 50% advance payment is required for all orders above the minimum order value. Upon receipt of the 50% deposit, UNDUGU will commence with the production of the ordered products. NOTE: the lead-time agreed in the purchase order only starts with receipt of the advance payment on our account!
  • Prototypes for new designs may be shipped to the customer for approval before commencement of production and upon prior receipt of the advance payment. Shipping of the prototypes will be at the customer’s cost. This process is not necessary for repeat orders.
  • Depending on length of the lead time, UNDUGU will send interim reports to inform the buyer of production progress.
  • Order production time will be 10 to 12 weeks for the first order and 8 to 10 weeks for the subsequent repeat orders.
  • When the production of the order is completed and ready for shipment, UNDUGU will email a copy of the final invoice.
  • Minimum order value for F.O.B (Nairobi) pricing is USD 4,000 / EURO 3000.
  • Orders below the minimum value will attract extra export handling charges.
  • Minimum order quantities per item are based on our packing units per item based on the product selected.
  • Orders below USD 4,000/EURO 3,000 do not qualify for our F.O.B. export pricing and will be priced differently (based on actual order value/quantities).
  • All prices quoted by are F.O.B (Nairobi)
  • Although UNDUGU offers to assist in finding an acceptable shipping offer, the cost for shipping and insurance of the goods are the full responsibility of the customer.
  • All orders are subject to a 50% advance payment. Note: the lead-time agreed in the purchase order only starts with receipt of the advance payment on our account!
  • Payment of 100% advance will entitle the customer to 2% discount on the total order value. The discount is not applicable to order value below the minimum.
  • For all payments, customers should use the banking details specified on the invoices or provided by UNDUGU. Note: Bank transfer charges are at the expense of the buyer.
  • Full payment of the final invoice (remaining 50%), inclusive of any freight/postage costs (if applicable), is due from the customer prior to dispatch of the goods unless other terms have been agreed and signed by both parties.
  • After receipt of final payment, UNDUGU will release the relevant shipping documents and dispatch the shipment.
  • All shipments are packed according to our standard packing specifications per item based on the selected products.
  • Customized packaging, stickers, tags, barcodes, and similar attachments to items will attract a surcharge (this will depend on the actual specifications).
  • UNDUGU is normally able to process orders within 10-12 weeks. The lead-time for each order is however dependent on the order volume and has to be discussed and agreed for each purchase order. Repeat orders will be processed within 8 – 10 weeks.
  • All goods remain the legal and beneficial property of UNDUGU until full payment has been received.
  • UNDUGU prides itself with its reputation for good quality. We shall always strive to produce to the best quality possible. All products will undergo a 100% quality control check before dispatch. Despite this, since all our products are hand-made, slight variations can occur.
  • Where materials used are not manufactured by UNDUGU or its partners, slight variations in colour pattern are possible and not under our control. This is particularly the case where traditional/indigenous hand-made materials are used.
  • Such variations are therefore not a reason for rejection or cancellation of an order. On the contrary, they serve to underline the hand-made aspect of the products, making each piece unique.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee that externally sourced materials will be available indefinitely. This is particularly the case with African Prints which are subject to a dynamic change of patterns and colours every few months.
  • UNDUGU has the sole rights to all the designs of all its products and as such these should not be copied in any form whatsoever.
  • UNDUGU does not issue automatic exclusivity for any of its products. Any request for exclusivity needs to be discussed and agreed in writing and will need to consider amongst others: distinct geographical location; specific sales targets and time limitations.
  • UNDUGU is ready to develop products to customers design specifications. In this case, the cost of product development and samples will have to be negotiated.
  • The cost of samples and shipping of samples will be charged to the account of the buyer.
  • Cost of samples (exclusive of shipping costs) is deductible from actual order of that particular sample if order value exceeds the USD 5,000/Euro 4,000