Why do business with Undugu?

  • We have many years experience serving export customers who have remained loyal to our high quality products, excellent service delivery and impactful socialĀ  cause;


  • We have in-house production facility that allows customers to develop new products or customize our existing products. The in-house facility is manned by highly skilled artisans who have shown the capability to translate ideas into products within a short time;


  • We partner with expert designers in product development so that our products are competitive in the market, provide value for money and offer memorable end-user experience;


  • We provide packing and shipping solutions to our customers so that the overall cost of product is reasonable and competitive in the market. Our processes are tailor-made to cater for various customer categories in order to build long term business relationships.


We use proceeds from the business to empower lives through producer capacity building, contributing to schemes promoting the welfare of artisans that relate to health, social security and asset accumulation. We further provide sponsorships to bright but poor